Program Schedule

Program Name (Monday - Friday)Air timeProgram Length
Dramatized Audio Bible12:00am30:00
Unshackled (Spanish)01:00am26:00
Turning Point (David Jeremiah)03:00am26:00
Fellowship in the Word (Bil Gephardt)04:0026:00
Pastors Perspective (Chuck Smith & Don Stewart05:00am26:00
The Connection (Skip Heitzig)06:00am26:00
Horizon NewsCast06:30am24:00
Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rogers)07:00am26:00
Wisdom For Women (Debbi Bryson)07:45am02:00
Turning Point (David Jeremiah)09:00am26:00
Revive our hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)02:00pm26:00
Pastors Perspective (Chuck Smith & Don Stewart03:00pm26:00
Harvest Ministries (Greg Laurie)04:00pm26:00
Your Story Hour (Uncle Dan & Aunt Carol)05:00pm26:00
The Connection (Skip Heitzig)06:00pm26:00
Horizon NewsCast06:30pm24:00
Focus on the Family (Jim Daly & John Fuller)07:00pm26:00
J Vernon McGee (PlatDeutch)09:00pm26:00

Program Name (Saturday)Air Time Program Length
Ravi Zacharias (Let my people think)07:00am26:00
Pastors Perspective (Chuck Smith & Don Stewart10:00am26:00
Carlos Bautista (Spanish)03:00pm26:00
Belizean Kriol Dramatized Bible05:0025:00
The Amazing Word (Rudy Plett)07:00pm20:00

Program Name (Sunday)Air timeProgram Length
Ravi Zacharias (Let my people think)07:00am26:00
Hour of Decision (Billy Graham)08:30am26:00
Pastors Perspective (Chuck Smith & Don Stewart02:00pm26:00
Carlos Bautista (Spanish)03:00pm26:00
Belizean Kriol Dramatized Bible05:00pm25:00
The Amazing Word (Rudy Plett)07:00pm20:00