About us

The desire for a local Christian


 radio station was often expressed by the people

of Spanish Lookout, and by IsaacDueck, who eventually saw his dream unfold by the grace of God. “My hopes for a Christian Radio Station was for it to provide beautiful, inspiring praise and worship music, as well as solid Bible teaching that would positively minister to the people of Belize.” -Isaac Dueck

The Radio ministry was discussed at Calvary Chapel affiliated church (Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship) and was earnestly brought to the Lord in prayer by it’s handful of believers. Excitement escalated when prayers were answered, as God provided for the Christian Radio Station. “Seeing God orchestrating, opening doors, and providing for this radio station in such unique, tangible ways; we feel confident in His guidance and providence for this ministry’s future.” -Jacob Penner

Open House was held November 6, 2010. Pastor Rudy then dedicated Horizon Radio to the LORD through a live prayer: “We ask you Lord that you use this radio ministry to reach the lost and needy people of this country.” -Rudy Plett

Johnny Wall (who had previously served a one year volunteer term at Lighthouse Christian Radio) was asked to come serve as Station Operator. Johnny agreed after spending some time thinking and praying about it. “I had been praying for years for God to plug me into a ministry. I simply wanted to make a difference. Although I decided to think and pray about this opportunity, I felt sure this was the leading of God.” -Johnny Wall

Johnny arrived as staff on Jan 3 2011 from his home in Nova Scotia Canada, and has been employed at Horizon Radio since. “Looking back I find it hard to believe I’ve actually been here over a year! Time flew by so fast! It has been a tremendous blessing for me; just to be involved in an effective, christian ministry, alongside great leadership:)” -Johnny

We are very grateful of how the LORD has led and provided for this Christian Radio Ministry to become a reality, and we’re blessed at the effect Horizon Radio has had in its first year. We thank every one for their participation in labour, financial aid, contributions, and prayer. We are delighted to fulfill our purpose as the ‘glove on the Maker’s Hand’. We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we seek to minister in homes across this country with waves of Hope and Love.